Squrae ATEX Trilmotor
0,3 - 6,5 kW
0,3 - 3,7 kW

Degree of protection

IP 66

Thermal class

F (155 °C) according to DIN EN 60034-1

Tropical insulation


Thermal overload protection

As standard PTC 120 °C

Permissible ambient temperature

-20 °C to +40 °C

Electrical connection

Used exclusively on Ex e motors. These rubber hose assemblies are ideal for heavy mechanical stress according to VDE0282 Part 4, such as the type H07RN-F or A07RN-F or higher grade cable.

There are 7-wire cable for zones 21 and 22 used as the PTC and can also be connected with this cable. Specifically: 3x phase, 1x Grounding, 2x PTC, 1x unoccupied. Some motors may also be a 4-wire cable for the live conductors and cables for the PTC, which a second cable gland is used. For this purpose, please contact FRIEDRICH Schwingtechnik.

Mounted on the motor terminal box is an ATEX-sealing plug and ATEX Cable gland. Use only certified components for assembly of the cable. The O-ring for sealing must be installed and undamaged.